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Read what golfers are saying about Buddha Plays 18:

Buddha Plays 18 is one of the best golf books ever written about the mental part of the game. This read is one of the pivotal golf books of its time. It’s the ABC’s of exactly what the mind should be doing during a round of golf. Buddha will not only change your life but change your approach to the greatest game we will ever play.”
---Peter Beames, Co-founder with Gary Player of the Walk-Through Golf Swing

“Lots of people go out to a driving range and practice endlessly, but are they practicing the right stuff or ingraining bad habits? You can swing a golf club 1,000 times but if you’re off the swing plane, all you’re doing is ingraining bad swing moves. This book talks about important physical moves but underlying it is clearly a much greater emphasis on the mental part of the game; the visualizing and the positive attitude.” --- Christy Scannell, San Diego Union-Tribune

"Golfing is tough enough when you're trying to keep your master eye on the ball with progressive trifocal lenses. Your eye glasses are better made for you to read things, such as this book I discovered, Buddha Plays 18.---Tom Hoffarth, Los Angeles Daily News

"Buddha Plays 18 is an easy read and makes sense when put into perspective. All levels of golfers will pull something for their golf game with the tips from this book. Golf practice includes mental as well as physical activities. "No pain, no gain" applies to the mind as well as the body." ---Ottawa Golf Blog, 2013

"Buddha Plays 18
, ….is both approachable and somewhat sensible. It’s actually the first of the genre that I thought usable by the average golfer. I am not normally one to subscribe to eastern mysticism, but I agree with much of what Balian writes. Indeed, I have always thought of golf misfortune as an opportunity to use creativity to solve a puzzle. It’s the puzzles that golf offers that keeps me most interested in the game. I found Buddha Plays 18 to be a worthwhile read. It’s light—I finished it in about an hour—and enjoyable. I think that nearly every golfer can find something in its pages to help his game.---Golf Blogger, 2011

"After years of golf study, the ‘Orange Stake Visualization’ that is taught in Buddha Plays 18 is the first swing thought I ever have learned that actually worked for more than two days in a row. I can’t wait to try the rest of the techniques presented. I’m sold!” ---Arnold Ager, 6-Handicap, San Diego, California

“Extremely informative and entertaining, Buddha Plays 18 reminds me that golf is a game we play! Buddha’s visualizations are amazing: As for me, I saw right away that I needed a wider 'golden gutter' for my putter. Buddha often teaches the exact opposite of what most of us amateur golfers actually do on the course. Reading this superb instruction book makes me want to go out and play right now.” ---Dianne Henley, 18-Handicap, Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri

“I am really impressed with the way Buddha Plays 18 intertwines the art and science of good golf with the principles of Buddhist philosophy. This book discusses the essence of Buddhist philosophy better than any other book I’ve ever read on the subject. And the humor makes me laugh out loud. This book is a pure winner.” ---Dr. Ron Lake, Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California

“I’ve read many books on golf instruction and Balian’s book surpasses all of them. I’m not a Buddhist, but I am a serious golfer and the mental pictures Balian gives us through “Buddha” are really helpful. Try it and watch your golf score drop!” ---William Blake, 7-Handicap
Poway, California


Buddha Plays 18