Golf Tip: Improve Your Golf Swing

Buddha’s Golf Tip of the Day – Physical:

Buddha Plays 18 says: At the practice range, don’t customarily just dump the bucket of balls onto the mat feeder tray. Instead, keep all the golf balls in the bucket and pick out one ball at a time for each shot. If you bend carefully (from the knees, not the waist!), this effort will also help stretch out your legs and low back between shots and, most importantly, it will slow you down while hitting golf balls during your session. Before you go for the next ball in the bucket, carefully evaluate your last shot; what went right, what went wrong and what did you do, physically and mentally, to get those results?

Buddha’s Golf Tip of the Day – Mental:

Golf tipsBuddha Plays 18 says: On the sole plate of your driver and 3-wood, take a Sharpie and boldly write the letters, “EDS.” Every time you pull out either of those clubs, you’ll see “EDS.” This is your acronym and mantra for Easy Down Swing. Among other things, an easy downswing keeps your right shoulder from spinning out, forward. The proper right shoulder move is down, not out on the downswing. “EDS” is a swing thought that can really keep you from trying to murder that little 1.620 ounce golf ball. Now, watch your shots fly straighter.