Golf Tip: Swing Tempo and Swing Speed

golf swing speed and tempoBuddha’s Golf Tip of the Day – Physical:
Buy and use a swing tempo meter. Be sure to get the type that measures both your swing tempo and swing speed. Use it for each club in your bag and take notes: How consistent is your swing tempo, measured in hundredths of a second? By how much does your swing speed (in mph) increase with each longer club? How consistent is your swing speed with the same club? (By the way, do not just use the swing tempo meter with only your driver!)

Buddha’s Golf Tip of the Day – Mental:
And speaking of swing tempo and swing speed, at the first tee while you loosen up, close your eyes and swing your driver, pretending it is an 8-iron. Roll your hands over as you listen to the smooth “swoosh” of your club through the air. Swing slow, easy and smooth and finish very high. Visualize (or “see”) your ball actually sailing down the center of the fairway. Now put that same 8-iron warm-up swing on your opening drive (but this time with your eyes open!). Remember, on the 1st tee especially, fight back your nerves—stay down, slow and through your opening drive. Yeah, I say you’re off to a fine round!

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