Golf Tip: On the Practice Tee

Practice Your Golf SwingBuddha’s Golf Tip of the Day – Physical:
For this tip, you won’t even need a golf ball! On a clear morning or late afternoon, look for a practice tee that puts the sun directly behind you. Now practice your golf swing with different clubs, and study your shadow as it falls in front of you. Especially, keep a careful eye on your head. Try to watch your shadow without inordinately moving your chin up. What do you see? Are you head-bobbing or swaying? (Important: Make sure you are swinging in your usual manner, as if a ball were really there. Warning: That is easier said than done.)

Buddha’s Golf Tip of the Day – Mental:
As the Buddha, I love the sun. It is a symbol of warmth, love, serenity and peace. So, use the sun in your calming visualizations; this leads to a warming “enlightenment” within your mind. If you can go back to sun visualizations often within your golf round, you will find new relaxation, calmer thinking, better focus and a smoother swing. Your golf scores will drop.

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