Golf Tip: Slow Take-Away and Golf Swing

Buddha Plays 18Buddha’s Golf Tip of the Day – Physical:

I’m betting that your take-away is too fast—and, pardon my saying so, but probably your entire golf swing is way too fast as well! I’ve got your solution: Use the Medicus (an unpaid endorsement!) or a similar “jointed iron” club and see if you can start your take-away without the shaft “breaking” at its knee-joint. Keep practicing until you have learned a slow, “one-piece” take-away. After you have perfected that, start working in the same way on your downswing, trying to keep the club shaft from “breaking.”

Buddha’s Golf Tip of the Day – Mental:

Do emotions play a role in a golfer’s score? Take a look at Dustin Johnson’s blow-up at the 4th round of the U.S. Open in 2010 at Pebble Beach. How about Rory McElroy at the 2011 Masters? Or Jason Dufner’s loss after having a five shot lead on the back nine of the 2011 PGA Championship at the Atlanta Athletic Club? (I could go on for hours with this sad list.) If stress drastically affects the top players in the world, just imagine how it affects our game! Buddha’s advice: Find the mental keys and visualizations that help you control your stress during your round and watch your scores drop like magic.

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