Golf Tip: Hybrids and Long Irons

Buddha Plays 18Buddha’s Golf Tip of the Day – Physical:

Hybrids or long irons? A trade-off: Hybrid golf clubs are better for you “sweepers” of the golf ball; more confidence-building; generally easier to hit. But long iron golf clubs fly higher and stick better with improved directional control (but only if you don’t over-swing!). Practice both hybrids and long irons at the practice range over time and track your results; then play to your best percentages.

Buddha’s Golf Tip of the Day – Mental:

As Buddha, I must again draw parallels between life and golf: Both are full of ups and downs. When in trouble, don’t try to be a hero; take your medicine. (Unless your club championship is at stake, in which case, go for it!)

For more wisdom on improving your golf game, read the golf book Buddha Plays 18.

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