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Introducing Buddha Plays 18, by Edward Sarkis Balian, the just-released, informative and entertaining book that combines the art and science of good golf with the principles of
Buddhist philosophy. It can almost instantly improve anyone’s golf game.

As any golfer can tell you, playing golf and Buddhist thinking are both forever intertwined with suffering! Combine golf with the Buddha and you’ve got a unique, insightful, instructional and hilariously entertaining book. With over 30 million golfers in the U.S. alone, the audience for this book is huge.

There are thousands of golf books, but none like this.

In Buddha Plays 18, the Great Master himself actually plays an 18-hole golf course while the book’s author (serving as his caddy), documents an insightful shot-by-shot account in a fun, yet truly informative and instructional format. Throughout the book, readers will be gradually introduced to great golf lessons, most of which are derived from the basics of Buddhist philosophy.  Buddha presents an extremely insightful approach as he plays the Enlightenment Country Club course and entertains readers with humor, kindness, logic, love, proper golf technique and above all, wisdom. The result? Lower scores for any golfer of any ability level!

But what can the over 2,500 year-old Buddha teach about golf?

Instead of only learning the theoretical “right way” to hit or putt a golf ball, Buddha teaches how to actually perform the shots and putts on the course. Through the use of detailed visualizations (or “seeing” in the mind’s eye), and Buddhist principles while playing a round of golf, Buddha presents valuable stroke-saving instruction to pros and amateurs alike.

So come along with Buddha and his caddy as they play 18 at the fictitious Enlightenment Golf & Country Club, set in sunny California and learn from a true, proven “Master.”

Join Buddha and his caddy and learn:

  • The Golden Gutter technique
  • Club selection dos and don’ts
  • How to take the fear out of bunkers, water and other hazards
  • The “Soul-Plate” on your woods and hybrids and how to use them
  • Spot-target golf
  • The Orange Stake downswing technique
  • How to, once and for all, buy the best putter on earth
  • Golf course management throughout your round
  • The three basic swing paths and what they do to your golf ball
  • The Shocking Pink Mercury Dime technique
  • The very best practice tee preparation for your round
  • The Children’s Purple Wading Pool technique
  • Exactly how to practice for best on-course results
    and much more!




Buddha Plays 18

140 pages softcover
ISBN 978-0-9831181-1-4
Printed in the USA

Illustrations: Bonnie Bayham
Cover Art: Danielle Cerceo

“This book is all about improving your golf swing with physical and mental tips.  It’s an easy read with no nonsense tips to get better at that game we all love.  I admit I am not much of a golfer at all.  I have never improved my scores, swings or play in the few years that I have been out on the greens.  I am just itching to get back out on the greens this summer so that I can follow these tips and show off.  Tiger eat your heart out Linkie is comin for ya.  LOL ok so again I am a stretching it.  


I do believe after this great read there are so so many ways to tweak my game and improve my scores.  This book is wonderfully entertaining in a funny way as well as being very informative and insightful. There are another 30 million golfers out there in the USA alone that would likely love this book just as much as I do.”

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